Nikki Phillips

PT Client | PUMA Oceania Ambassador | TV Presenter | Blogger

"I started training with Laura in April 2016. I was seeking someone to help me keep motivated, toned and fit. What I achieved with Laura’s help was far more than this! She has been nothing but encouraging and supportive of all aspects of my well being not just my fitness. Each workout is tailored to me, to help achieve my goals.  My overall strength and fitness has improved by double and Laura has got my body to a level which made me feel more confidant with developing muscle that suits my body shape. 

I would wholeheartedly recommend Laura as a trainer, without reservation. She’s the bomb!" 

Lucy Ringhofer

“ Training with Laura is my favourite workout of the week. I know it’ll be a tough and intense session but I also know I’ll have fun and come away feeling great! Laura takes the time to get to know you and before you know it she’s not only your trainer but also a really good friend who is there when you need advice on diet, exercise or life in general!

She’s an absolute inspiration to me as I saw her go through her personal transformation which led her to win the Vegas World Champion 2015 title! And it’s pretty amazing to say you’re being trained by a world champion!! It really inspired me to focus on my goals and put in the hard work in order to get there. Laura created a 4 week exercise and food plan for me before Christmas and the results were amazing. I felt the most confident in my body I have done for years and her support and understanding throughout was unbelievable.

I would 100% recommend Laura as your personal trainer, her positivity and lovable personality will win you over and you’ll never want to leave!”

Aine Phelan 

"Laura is awesome! She is such a little pocket rocket, super tough, fun, funny, motivating and supportive all in one tiny, very hard-bodied package!

Seeing what she has achieved for herself (world no. 1!!!), the crazy, innovative classes that she has created from scratch, and my own personal experience with her I have complete confidence and trust in her knowledge and abilities. For me that's really important. She knows her stuff and she hasn't let me down. I follow her advise, I get results, simple. She is someone I always work hard for (well, 99% of the time), who I try that little bit extra for. That's the space in which change happens and you get your results, so it's a pretty fundamental quality to have in a trainer.

Laura was my PT on the run up to my wedding, and tailored my workout for to the dress and how I wanted to look in it. I mean, check out that back! :)

She pushed me hard to get the results I wanted, but treated me holistically - tough when I needed it, but also supportive and calming when I needed that too (I refer to one very well timed stretch and unwind session!)

Laura has gone above and beyond mere 'PT' level and pulled together an awesome group of girls in a little social group and sets us diverse challenges which we all do together (Laura included, go team!) - Tough Mudder, 5 week summer challenge, photo shoots, beach workouts, clean eating recipe cook-off... and that was just last year! The group is social, it's fun, it's motivating, it takes your workout away from the gym and into the world and I am so happy I decided to give it a go. It has made a huge difference to my confidence and my own fitness trajectory.

I can't recommend Laura highly enough. She will push you and break you, but you'll absolutely love her for it!"


PT Client, Owner of Soul Good Health Snacks

 "I have learnt that the relationship between me and my PT Laura Basta is a LOVE/HATE relationship. I hate her during our intense workouts as I sometimes think she's out to kill me, but i LOVE her after especially when the results begin to show!"

Clare Shiu

PT Client,

“As a PT Laura sets the bar high - not only in terms of standards but also literally when you go to her Circus Fit classes.
In my training with her, I have achieved pull ups, maximum weight for deadlifts and saw my body change over the year. I've played around with handstands, swinging around on monkey bars and climbing trees/fences/walls at parks for fun - things I wouldn't have done without her crazy imagination. If you have poor form she'll correct it and if you have injuries she'll roll out the yoga mat to get you on the way to recovery. Put her in a cramped hotel room or give her a piece of rope and she'll find 101 ways to create a workout with it (so no excuses!). I especially respect that she is a professional whose fitness philosophy is not embellished by any short term trend, fad diet or product placement but by years of certified knowledge, hard earned experience, and passion. And unlike any other trainer that I'm aware of, she has created a strong sense of culture and community amongst all her clients so that we are well acquainted and supportive of each other's goals. The one very bad thing for me is that Laura is my first ever personal trainer - which means if I ever get a different trainer (highly unlikely!) they'll have incredibly big shoes to fill. I could go on for longer but it might be better to just ask anyone at Fitness Playground what they think of Laura Basta - it really won't be far off from what's been said here. Thanks for everything Laura !”

Hayley James

“I can not explain how life changing Laura's PT sessions have been for me. I moved to Sydney 6 months before starting with Laura, I wasn't enjoying the city and was ready to move back to the UK. The best birthday present I have ever been given was my sessions with Laura, she not only built me a fantastic training program but introduced me to some fabulous girls who took me under their wing and showed me the sights of Sydney (through weekend team works and healthy brunches).

Laura developed a training program that would suit me best, after 3 months of traveling I wasn't in the best shape and had fallen out of love with exercise. She talked me through the variety of training we were going to do and helped me to fall back in love with it all. Laura has a very can do attitude and will always push you to achieve the most. Laura called out quickly that my technique with certain exercises was not correct, she took the time to break the exercises down with me and help me understand where I was going wrong and how I could improve. This was fundamental for me in enjoying exercise again.

Laura has helped me to achieve things I never thought possible, such as 100kg dead-lifts as well as being able to survive burpee challenges! The variety of exercises has been eye opening, I am no longer stuck doing the same routine!!

Due to my current job I travel a lot, I thought I would lose my exercise regime however Laura has kept on top of this! I send Laura photos of my hotel gym and she still provides excellent workouts to match wherever I am in the world! This just goes to show that extra mile Laura is always prepared to go...

The girls group she has created around herself is wonderful, I feel like I didn't just gain a PT who wanted to train me but a PT who has put together a group of girls who support each other through the highs and lows of healthy (no drinking) challenges, exercise programs and even setting up businesses.

I can not explain how highly I regard this little pocket rocket, from remaining positive and happy throughout Tough Mudder to keeping on top of my diet there is nothing this woman can't achieve!”