Come Play with Me

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Run away and join the circus with this unique class. Utilising an innovative suspended trapeze, you can develop strength, improve your coordination and learn some impressive skills. Creative, fun and challenging, Circus Fit is guaranteed to change you!



"My name is Julia Surducki and I’ve been a Circus Fit convert for about two years now. I’m absolutely addicted to the class - if I can’t go for awhile I’m miserable, especially if I go on holiday for an extended period of time and lose all my hard-earned conditioning!

It’s difficult to say what the best thing about the class is, because I love everything about it. I would say one of the best things is the sense of playfulness and fun that the class brings to my week. Where else, as an adult, can you hang upside down by your knees!? It’s unlike any other training I do, and it’s always exciting.

In fact, before I found Fitness Playground I was so uninspired by the gym - I’d really got into a funk with my training. Laura and the Circus Fit team has helped put the fun back into being fit. I’ve been so inspired over the last two years in seeing what the instructors can do on the trapeze, and amazed by what my body is capable of when I put the hard work in.

An added bonus to Circus is that in being so different from any other class I do it targets muscles I’ve never exercised before. All of a sudden my back is shapely!

The other best thing about the class is the community Laura has built up around it. Her and the other instructors are incredible. They are passionate, knowledgeable, fun-loving, hardworking, affable, and inspiring! Because of them, everyone that attends has a great time, and gets fit at the same time! Perfection! Merci beaucoup Laura!" Julia

"I've been doing Circusfit for one year but had done acrobatic and aerial classes for exercise previously. I think it is good for me because it is functional movement that develops strength and flexibility together, all while challenging the mind to overcome fear and expectations that we have of our bodies. It is different from other classes because you are learning skills rather than just moving muscles. It feels more like being a big kid and playing, rather than the serious repetitive nature of other classes. Circusfit is progressive and you see results quite quickly - every time you try something you get a little bit stronger and a little bit braver and the end result is a new move you can be really proud of (and it looks really cool). There is more motivation to continue trying than with the more intangible goals to just look good or to be fit. I like it because it is FUN, with the side benefit of fitness. If I was doing it just to be fit, I probably would have stopped by now! The people who are attracted to this class seem to be friendly and supportive and we are always laughing and helping each other in class. It is collaborative and we cheer each other on because we know what we are attempting is damn hard! I'd recommend it to anyone who is bored with 'normal' gym routines. Anyone who has an open mind and wants to develop not only strength and fitness but also respect for their body and trust in their abilities will really enjoy this class. Circusfit will challenge what you believe about yourself and your body!

Thanks Laura for developing such an amazing, imaginative program and making it so accessible to aspiring acrobats of all levels of experience." > Bridget

"I've been doing circusfit for a year and love it! It's the toughest workout I do, and challenges strength, core, flexibility and coordination ... and it's fun! It works different muscles than other workouts, and is a mental as much as physical workout. The trainers are amazing and the group vibe is a great mix of regulars and people trying it out." > Neil

I love that it’s different to traditional gym class. Time just flies literally. It pushes you to feel safe on the bar over time I love circus fit the music the tricks we learn and the strengthening excerises that you build on each week. I Love that you build on your previous tricks . I Love Laura instructions and FRENCH cheekiness. She makes it look so easy so she inspires you to build on your skills <3 data-preserve-html-node="true" data-preserve-html-node="true"> Fay

"I have been doing circus fit for over a year now. I love Circus Fit because I get to develop impressive skills on the trapeze that require strength, flexibility and grace. I have improved my upper body strength hugely and I have learned some pretty cool skills in the process. Circus skills are not taught at many gyms, so I love the fact that FP provides these through Laura and her colleagues Anne and Kate. The classes are great fun, with new formats each month and brand new skills taught pretty regularly which keeps it challenging and rewarding!" Kim